Our Fire Services

Commercial Fire Protection in Central Ohio

Our company, Capital Fire Protection Co., has been in business since 1963. With our decades of experience and our status as one of Ohio’s largest independent fire protection companies, we provide the highest quality of products and services. We are able to assist with a wide range of needs related to fire prevention systems and devices.

Our Central Ohio commercial fire protection services include:

  • Inspections – We can combine all of your required commercial fire inspections into one package so you can save time and money. We provide comprehensive inspections in order to better protect you and your commercial operation.
  • Sprinkler systems – We design, install, and service many different types of commercial fire sprinkler systems. Our company offers 24-hour emergency service for those who need immediate service for their sprinkler systems.
  • Fire alarms – We offer fire alarms that use the most up-to-date technology. Our team handles fire alarm installations, retrofits, repairs, inspections, and many other services related to these systems.
  • Fire suppression – We design and install various types of fire suppression systems that can help you put an immediate stops to any fires that occur on your commercial property. These systems are typically used to protect commercial equipment and sensitive rooms / areas.
  • Fire extinguishers – We ca help you ensure that your fire extinguishers and emergency exit setups meet NFPA and OSHA requirements. Let us assist you with your fire extinguisher inspection, testing, repair, and service needs!
  • Restaurant hood systems – If you have a restaurant or commercial kitchen, you will need to have a reliable restaurant hood system in place. We can help you install a new system or service your existing one.
  • Monitoring – Through our monitoring center, we can keep constant watch over your commercial property’s fire alarm system. We are a Diebold Advanced Dealer!
  • Parts & equipment – Need parts for your fire alarm, sprinkler system, or other fire protection system? Chances are we have them in our inventory of more than 7,000 parts, or we have access to them through our extensive manufacturer connections.

For additional information about our fire services, call us at (614) 279-9448!

Why Choose Us

  • Locally-Independently Owned and Operated
  • Work Off Quality Of Work - Not Annual Contracts.
  • Focus on Building Long-Term Relationships
  • Not Chasing National Accounts and General Contracts
  • SERVE Existing Clients and Customers